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The Best Pet Grooming your Best Friend

At Tailwaggers we are committed to providing quality services with lots and lots of TLC. In other words, we are all pet lovers, and most of our regular customers come in wagging their tails, happy to see us again.!

  • Our pet groomers have over 30 years’ combined grooming experience

  • We are always happy, and commited to style your dog or cat according to your most exact instructions

  • We handle every dog with loving care, and we as professional groomers understand the psychology behind each breed.

About Our Location

Our shop is newly remodeled with a ton of new products and we always welcome you with open arms.

About Our Technology

Our equipment is state of the art. We use the Prima Bathing System which deep cleans your dog’s or cat’s coat, providing a Hydromassage to stimulate circulation and loosen dirt and dead hairs, leaving the coat super clean. Drying is accomplished with forced-air dryers; we use no heat so there is no risk of burns or dehydration. It takes a bit longer this way, but we think it’s worth it.

About Our Cage Banks

The holding cages are stainless steel with woven floors so no dog or cat ever has to sit in urine or anything else unpleasant.

Cat & Dog Grooming Services for Hollywood Florida

Tailwaggers provides a number of extra services which you can read about in detail in our Services link. Some of these include:

  • De-shedding program, our popular cherry re-moisturizing treatment (ask if instock).

  • Flea and tick dips.

  • Check out our showroom while you’re here, and pick up a new leash or doggie treats without having to make a special trip to the pet shop.

If you have any questions, or need to schedule an appointment, please contact us!

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“I love animals and feel very strongly that people should not be allowed to buy a pet if they are not able to look after it. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Patricia Telles

Frequently Asked Questions

Our groomers will personally meet with you to discuss your pet’s specific needs and recommend just the right service. Due to different breeds, condition of coat and time required to complete services, package prices are determined after your pet is assessed at the pet salon. Call for more information, we will be glad to assist you.
Booking an appointment for a grooming service ahead of time ensures that you (and, more importantly, your pet) are not kept waiting any longer than necessary. Weekends tend to be especially busy, so appointments are highly recommended on Saturdays and Sundays. To book an appointment CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE.
In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we do require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after shots before checking in. The waiting period helps to ensure your pet isn’t sore at the injection site, which can cause irritability or lethargy. Puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 4 months of age may receive services in the salon without vaccinations.

Dog and Cat Grooming Expert Advice

Cat Grooming

No cat wants to be dirty, and its up to you to ensure that your cat stays clean. Grooming is very important, as it helps your cat remain clean and healthy. Grooming starts with brushing, as brushing helps to keep the cats hair from becoming hairballs.

Basic Dog Grooming

Whether you take your favorite chum to a dog groomer or lovingly do it yourself, dog grooming is an essential part of pet care that is often overlooked by otherwise conscientious dog owners. Proper grooming includes the obvious, bathing and brushing so that the skin...

Professional Pet Grooming

Our pet groomers have over 30 years combined grooming experience, and we always are happy to style your dog or cat according to your most exact instructions.

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