Pet Grooming gallery

  • Pet Grooming Testimonials

    If anyone is looking for a great pet groomer I would recommend Tail Waggers Pet Grooming very highly, the staff is wonderful

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  • Pet Groomer

    Meet Rigo, he started as a pet groomer when he was only a teenager. His passion for dogs took him further, and now he has over 20 years experience as a pet groomer.

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  • pet-grooming-cages
    Cage Banks

    The holding cages are stainless steel with woven floors so no dog or cat ever has to sit in urine or anything else unpleasant.

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  • Pet Grooming Tips

    Whether you take your favorite chum to a dog groomer or lovingly do it yourself, dog grooming is an essential part of pet care that is often overlooked by otherwise conscientious dog owners.

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  • Pet Grooming – Blow Dry

    This is one way of pet grooming blow dry techniques.

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  • Pet Grooming – Nail Clip

    Pet Grooming nail clip techniques.

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